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Typical Assignments

Large Company

Assignment: A Fortune 50 company started a new auto parts venture via a string of acquisitions but lacked the in-house management to run the new business and pull it together into a single operating unit.

Hanquoc Emb's Role: We brought in a seasoned manager as interim CEO from a related field who understood the markets in which this company operated. As part of the mandate, our team - the onsite interim CEO and an offsite Hanquoc Emb partner - made mentoring high-potential members of the existing management team a major part of our deliverables.

Duration of Assignment: 18 months.

Middle Market Company

Assignment: An independent computer systems research company in New York had grown rapidly over the past three years. The president was budgeting for a three-fold expansion over the next three years. However, existing staff lacked the experience and time required to build management processes needed to support expected growth. At the same time, the president wanted to move away from the administrative burden of running the business to focus on business development and R&D.

Hanquoc Emb's Role: In less than three weeks, we brought in an interim general manager to relieve the president of day-to-day operating responsibilities and establish internal systems and procedures needed to support future growth and ensure the profitable delivery of the company's expertise.

Duration of Assignment: 6 months.

Non-U.S. Company

Assignment: A French medical technology company needed to replace the president of its California subsidiary after the mismanagement of an acquisition left the unit hemorrhaging red ink.

Hanquoc Emb's Role: The CEO of the French parent, who learned about Hanquoc Emb from a venture capitalist who was familiar with work being done by our Paris affiliate, called us in New York on a Thursday and asked if we could meet with him in California on the following Monday. We met with the CEO and within a week helped fire the president and bring in a seasoned executive to act as our on-site manager. Four months later, we handed off a revitalized business to a new president, on schedule.

Duration of Assignment: 4 months.

Private Company

Assignment: An award-winning Internet company, whose customers included two top automakers, a major airline, the nation's largest bank and the third-largest technology company in the country, was burning through its VC funding at an unsustainable rate. The company's sponsors came to Hanquoc Emb with a simple question: can you get us an interim CEO with the skills to save this business, and can you have him in place within 10 days.

Hanquoc Emb's Role: We brought in a seasoned manager who had turned around at least ten companies, making millions for investors. He rewrote the business plan. He refocused the product line from a one-size-fits-all commodity to a customized solutions approach. He cut staff. And he refocused the sales effort. With the basics done, he reenergized the board, negotiated new critical partnerships and raised $9.5 million in new funding.

Duration of Assignment: 9 months.