Our Services

Client Benefits

Speed. Accountability. Skills. Lack of Conflict.

Accelerated Change Leadership is a fresh approach to managing transitions, from C-level to mid-level positions. Working with Hanquoc Emb you get:

  • Speed: Our team can be in place and working in just days after your call.
  • Accountability: Our team takes responsibility for achieving clearly defined goals, reporting to the Board, senior management or private equity sponsors.
  • Problem-specific skills: Our team comes to the assignment with the most relevant skills needed to achieve a successful outcome.
  • Conflict-free: Our team delivers prompt and unbiased performance, free from private agendas or political issues.

Our Approach: helping you protect shareholder value.

Not all, but most of our assignments involve situations in which the Board, senior management or private equity sponsors perceive significant potential for loss of shareholder value over the near term. The reasons can be management issues, post-merger integration issues, regulatory issues, like Sarbanes-Oxley, or the need to divest underperforming assets.