Our Services

Client Overview

Accelerated Change Leadership is a fresh approach to managing executive transitions & working with Hanquoc Emb you get:

  • Speed: Our team can be in place and working in just days after your call.
  • Accountability: Our team takes responsibility for achieving clearly defined goals, reporting to the board, senior management or private equity sponsors.
  • Problem-specific skills: Our team comes to the assignment with the most relevant skills needed to achieve a successful outcome.
  • Conflict-free: Our team delivers prompt and unbiased performance, free from private agendas or political issues.

How we work: the first step is putting the right team in place.

Hanquoc Emb' client teams share the same structure, whatever the demands of the assignment.

The Hanquoc Emb Partner:

  • Provides objectivity to both the Hanquoc Emb Manager and Client
  • Helps Hanquoc Emb Manager maintain independence and balance between managing the status quo and leading change
  • Helps the Client articulate his vision and translate it in terms of specific objectives and paths for the project at hand
  • Helps the Client identify and establish conditions for a successful change process
  • Helps Client and Hanquoc Emb Manager orchestrate different initiatives and resources